Facts About Emeril Lagasse Career

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Emeril Lagasse is a popular American celebrity chef, who has managed to become well known all around the world as a television personality, but also book author. The star, has hosted various television shows throughout the years, his fame continuing to grow thanks to his charisma. Emeril Lagasse was born on October 15, 1959, in Fall River, Massachusetts. He became first known as the executive chef at the Commander’s Palace.

In the 1990s, Emeril Lagasse opened his own business. So, after leaving his job at the Commander’s, Emeril Lagasse decided to open a restaurant, the first one out of numerous eateries he currently owns in many locations within the United States. Many of his restaurants are now located in New Orleans. For instance, Emeril Lagasse opened Emeril’s Atlanta in 2003, but unfortunately, the chef decided to close the restaurant in 2008. Although people from all over the United States love to eat in Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants, the chef has become a well known, public figure starting with the moment when he initially appeared on television. Emeril Lagasse made his television debut in Great Chefs. Then, the star appeared in his own show, The Essence of Emeril. He taught people how to cook, but Emeril Lagasse always claimed that everyone should prepare meals that will reflect their personal tastes, based on the recipes he presented to the public.

Due to his great work and impressive achievements in this industry, but also the success and interest with which fans from all around the world watch them, Emeril Lagasse was nominated eight times for a Daytime Emmy Award. And the most important reason why fans love Emeril Lagasse so much is that the famous chef has a light and jovial style of presenting his show and his foods. Currently, Emeril Lagasse is hosting his own show, the Emeril Green, which airs on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green. Watching the show is a great idea, at least if you want to learn more about how to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. A very important fact about Emeril Lagasse’s career that all fans should know is that until now the star has released an impressive number of books, more than 10 works, naturally about cooking.

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