Emeril Lagasse

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Emeril John Lagasse was born on October 15th 1959 in Fall River Massachusetts. His dad was a French Canadian named Emeril Jr. his mum is Portuguese named Hilda. As with all of us the food we eat as we are growing up influences us throughout our lives. Emeril began working in a local Portuguese bakery as a teenager. While at the bakery Emeril developed a love of cooking. He attended Diman Vocational High School and took the culinary arts program. Emeril led the high school drum band. They played at dances, celebrations and local religious festivals. He was so good at drumming that Emeril was offered a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music on graduating high school. He decided instead to go with a career as a professional chef.

For the next year he attended the Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. He took a job in a local restaurant to pay his tuition. He met a fellow student, Elizabeth Kief, while here and the two fell in love and married in 1978. A few months later Emeril completed his course graduating in 1978, he was later awarded an honorary doctorate by the Johnson & Wales University. He was able to experience working in Paris and Lyon in France. He then returned to the United States of America. He spent many years working in fine restaurants; one in particular was the Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin. In 1982 he worked for the Commanders Palace. He worked eighteen hour days putting a great strain on his health and marriage. He left the Commanders Palace and opened his own restaurant, Emerils in New Orleans in 1990. Emeril is known for his use of the Creole and Cajun cooking styles.

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Finding fun with food and wine

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With all the cooking programs that are on today with the celebrity chefs, the host cooking chefs and many other guests there is no doubt that you will know the name Emeril Lagasse. He is one of the more famous chef’s of the world who has had enough experience to be the judge of very fine quizine as well as being a master chef for his own restaurants. He is now known as a very successful television personality because of the amount of food and cooking shows that he has appeared on. One of the TV shows that Emeril Lagasse is known for is the show called Food Networks which is a great way to learn about foods of all kinds, how to prepare them and also how to cook them.

It was his New Orleans restaurant that he opened first in Louisiana which started his transformation to fame. This restaurant was known by all the food critics as one of the best in the country because the master chef has a specific plan in mind. Lucky for the people that were working under Lagasse who also got claim to his fame just by being one of the best support groups of the cooking industry. It was placed in the magazines as restaurant of the year and won a number of other small local prizes plus fame around the country. It was not the restaurant that makes Lagasse famous but it was his style of running the place and making sure that every meal was on time and satisfactory.

Lagasse first appeared on the TV show Great Chefs where he did a great job of showing what was available around the country in ways of pleasant places to eat. This series did not last for very long however it was at least 10 episodes long by all accounts which was not bad for one of the pioneer cooking TV reality shows. There was more to Emeril Lagasse which we found out in later years as his TV celebrity status continued to grow. On screen you will find that Lagasse is a hospitable personality however it takes a man of steel to get into the right frame of mind to look after a chain of restaurants.

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